Im Augustine kiawu, but well known as Lyrico GodChild born and raised in Liberia, a country on the west coast of africa. Lyrico came to the united states in 2001, Nov 2. He live in maryland, silver spring for a year, than move to philadelphia, pennsylvania on january 1, 2003. Where he met couple of african and black american rappers. After a freestyle sessions, Augustine was given the name Lyrico. Ever since than, Lyrico have become one of the best african artist in the african and american community. Lyrico was the founders and CEO for Lyrico/LIB Record. A hip pop record and PRODUCTIONS company, the young and talented artist also make his name in the hip pop scene, working with some of the well known upcoming artists around his way and in his city Philadelphia and also working with some big name in the industry. Lyrico have the opportunity to work with Nick G, Vice President and Dj T. NYCE, of suckerproof djs/mota hip pop, one of America best and well known Djs company on couple of Dj Tnyce mixtapes release ride thru the hood, along with some of hip pop big names like Lil wayne, T.I. etc and Game Time, along with Keri Hilson, Game etc in the year 2009. Lyrico also produced for slip N slide affiliate Dj 6pac artist, and was manage by Mr Ruben Burgos, well known as R. Mack milly, who was affiliated with camron and the dipset and dipset west crew and record label, Lyrico also was the executive producer of Tito mixtape, an upcoming african rapper, who base in philadelphia, pa. Who have build a huge buzz in the african and american scene of the southwest region of philly, who mixtape was to be lunch as a PROMOTION and to create more buzz during deal negotiation with Louis Gibson who was associated with Akon, Konvict record label. It is right to say that im proud of myself as an indie artist and producer to make such an impact and relationship and build a great and wide network circle for myself with out a big budget deal or manager, said Lyrico. In early 2010, about 5 days after lyrico b day, which is january 15, 1986, lyrico was arrested and charge with crimes that could left him behind bars for 40yrs. Thank and glory to God first and then my family for the support and effort to get me out and then my friends that stood by me. And as God's plan all charges was drop against Lyrico and he was set free. But the young and talented man said, as much as the experience wasnt a good one, but im happy for it. Because it was throught that experience that Lyrico life was change up to this day, he have a different person and have taken on a different role and dreams and mission to accomplish. During Lyrico custody in jail he experience a Divine encounter that left him a different person since then, the talented artist (LYRICO), had a powerful vision of the Lord God Almighty. That told him that he was created to serve him only and do his works, "I saw a vision of my life since i was born and God wonderful divine power and glory of things i have no idea about for about 30 second, and then i heard that lil voice which is the voice of God saying to me accept my son Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior and i will fight your battle set your free and CHANGE YOUR life and make you victorious and bless you. And people that know you and friends will be surprise of your life, said Lyrico". Since then upon release after his case was over and won, Lyrico have decided to live for Christ and do his work as he was commanded. Currently Lyrico is a faithful and true minister/upcoming Pastor of the Gospel of GOD Almighty through Jesus Christ and also part of the deliverance ministry in Church Of The Divine Covenant. Bro Augustine, well known as Lyrico Godchild is currently an owner and founder of K-N-G Gospel Kingdom , a gospel company that consist of a gospel label(Divine Record), a PRODUCTION label(Lyrico Ent), Music publishing(K-N-G Publishing), Artist development etc etc. Lyrico is due to release his first album as a gospel artists on his own record label, KNG Music Group/Divine record this year. To hear some of Lyrico work both song and instrumental check him out on the Production page(Lyrico Etertainment) of this website thank you..