Welcome to K-N-G music group, the music department of Kiawu-N-God Gospel Kingdom. K-N-G music group is consist of couple God's fearing people, who make- up the management department of the company. They also control other aspects of the company relating to music, like Artists booking/booking agents, helping artists with their project, going with the artists to shows or on tour as a Road manager(depend on how big is the project), etc etc. Kiawu-N-God Gospel Kingdom also have a Publishing Administration Department which is divided into (3) different divisions. Kiawu-N-God Publishing(BMI Division), Kiawu-N-GHOSON Publishing(SESAC Division) and The Kiawu's Publishing(ASCAPDivision). The company publishing administration department is to help the company artists with there publishing, depending if the artist/songwriter decide to sign with Kiawu-N-God publishing. But for the best interest of the artist/songwriter career, we urged all our artists on both the record and production label to also sign with our publishing. For better negotiation on publishing percentage and better future of the artists/songwriter career. For more info about each department in k-N-G music group, please click on the page tap, it can be found as a sub-menu under K-N-G music group tap or click on our contact page and contact the appropriate department of your choice.