K-N-G Publishing, is a Publishing administration department of Kiawu-N-GOD Gospel Kingdom and is consist of 2 seperate publishing division. The Kiawu's Music, BMI, and The Ghoson's Music ASCAP. This department deal with all Songwriters/Recording Artists sign or not to K-N-G music Publishing. The company is resposible for artists/songwriter on both record and production label along with the publishing administration department in K-N-G Gospel Kingdom and is control and run by K-N-G music group also. K-N-G music Publishing partner with one of music major record company MPRE/SONY MUSIC GROUP. A major record company that is specialize in all aspect of the music industry, from management to publishing etc etc. And Just like both record and production labels The K-N-G Publishing currently have one artist on their roster, Bro. Augustine kiawu who is well known as "Lyrico". The artist is also, the CEO/Founder/Producer of the company and is involve in all aspects of K-N-G Gospel Kingdom 100%. To know more about Lyrico as an artist, please click on K-N-G Roster and check out more about our artists.